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    react training have been complaining about washing the bathroom considering that the associated with indoor plumbing. Now the new study by the University of Los angeles San Francisco/Berkeley Ergonomics Program indicates of which help is on how for those that detest bending in addition to stretching to obtain a thoroughly clean tub and shower.

    According to the study, using the tool using a long handle could make cleansing the tub/shower easier, taking less effort and decreasing tension on shoulders, knees and lower back.

    "The widely used cloth or sponge and spray solution cleaning method has a tendency to place users in many postures that may bring about injury in order to the musculoskeletal method, " said examine lead ergonomist and physical therapist, Indignación Janowitz. "Our analysis shows that utilizing a cleaning tool with a long handle to perform the stretching for you personally helps relieve musculoskeletal stress. "

    Following a few easy tips can help you prevent low back pain, states Janowitz.

    • Push rather than take when you possess to move great object. Keep your back straight plus the object close up to your physique when moving a good object. Always stay away from twisting when you are raising.

    • While executing common household chores, use products that will are ergonomically made to reduce awkward twisting or stretching, like the Clorox BathWand. Created specifically for cleansing the tub and shower, this convenient tool has a new 23-inch handle and swiveling head that will allows you to be able to easily reach huge and hard-to-clean places without straining or perhaps kneeling.

    • A great inactive lifestyle may contribute to endure from lower back pain , including pain, so make sure to start exercising regularly. Exercise is important with regard to strengthening and conditioning muscles of the torso, or "core" muscles, that support the lower back again.

    Experts estimate that 80 percent associated with Americans will experience back pain eventually in their life. To help keep back soreness from interfering with typically the activities of your current daily life, be sure to take the necessary precautions whenever possible-be it on the job or while doing duties around the home.