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    Dac Dia Property (Nhadacdia.com) is a brand of An Phu Installed Production Co., Ltd. focusing on providing cost-free real estate posting providers which includes: rent, Buy, lease and sell transfer. If you are looking for real estate in Vung Tau, cheap real estate investment, please come to us to be involved in the professional selling and buying process.

    Esteemed expenditure house

    Dac Dia Property is an intermediary device connecting buyers, sellers and tenants, renting in the basic principle of equality, visibility, transactions in the principle of voluntary and promotion based on law.

    All those wanting to promote can post on our site without having account. Really simple and easy.

    Perform not take part during this process of negotiating, rates items, not taking part in the transaction procedure for sellers, buyers and lessorsbuyers and renters. We are only a respected intermediary that connects people who want to market and people who want to buy together.

    The celebrations in the real estate property selling and hire purchases must personal-assessment and be accountable for all private data, real estate and real-estate professional services when participating in the financial transaction.

    The poster have to bear all obligation for your information posted on Nhadacdia.com. Just in case a complaint comes up, the poster accounts for supplying paperwork certifying info relevant to the dubious accident, complaint to Nhadacdia.com as well as the complainant. In all cases, the Marketer is accountable for dealing with all statements created by the claimant in terms of property and its linked real estate providers (if any).

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