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    You need to make a drawing, before starting the construction process. It can be worthy of getting close to the option of elevation. The space from your soil on the roof should not be 2.1 m, in order to never create a "hose result". Then this thrust improves, and this will result in a write.

    In cases like this, the latest oxygen will likely be nearby the ceiling. Consequently, it is logical not to set up the upper compartment great. It will be correct to setup it far away of about a gauge from the roof.

    You need to select a elevation of 45 cm for each rack. In order to perfectly sit in stock.

    Others bench needs to be manufactured two-tier. The lower tier should be 65 cm great, as well as the uppr tier 105.

    The sauna is actually by description smaller compared to the European bathtub. A room of three.4 sq.m. is enough for several individuals. The shelves must be placed into numerous compartments along the wall structure.

    The duration of the walls, which is in front of the front door, needs to be 2 m. It really is required to select the dimensions, it will not function to get the proper higher-good quality air circulation. Which will lead to problems with various temperatures conditions.

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