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    What you sadly didn’t realize as you had been a more youthful classman searching longingly up at the upper classman is that your senior year was much more than a just a big party. Rather it was the year exactly […]

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    Toni Braxton. Oy. I really feel truly bad for Toni. The issue with her is that her monetary troubles have overshadowed how unbelievably talented this lady truly is. She was the queen of R&B back again in the […]

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    Ronnie was more inclined to spend tons of money to get his hands on the most popular beat making gear. So he began to gradually to get his house studio assembled. You see, Ronnie was always thrilled when flipping […]

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    By using suggestion seven you will stand a better opportunity of getting signed, but only if your music is great:D. Arrange a assembly with the record label rather than just sending, uploading or emailing your […]

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    Lupe Fiasco now ideas to release his 3rd (and formerly his final) album, Lasers, which is really a triple-album contemplating that it will consist of three discs. The single ”Shining Down” has already been […]

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  • Group logo of If Hip Hop Died, Could D.c. Revive It?
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    But Typical’s profession didn’t truly gain momentum till the 1994 release of his mixtape ”Resurrection”. The album received crucial acclaim and became popular throughout the nation. One of the tracks titled ”I […]

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    The Hip Hop diamond watches are usually characterized as an accessory that is catchy, extravagant and flashy which would also provide as a standing symbol for some individuals. This is a way of celebrating and […]

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    Yamaha Motif ES8 Workstation – This in my opinion is Yamaha’s very best workstation so much. Many user ’s really enjoy using this board because of it’s distinctive broad variety of sounds. You can notice the motif […]

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    There are many various methods you can place together a hip hop defeat. It is dependent on what kind of style you want to go with. If you are searching for some thing to use as a backdrop to your rapping then you […]

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    This style just isn’t heading absent! The saggy pants that droop down below the boxers are well-liked among teenage boys and even younger males into the 20’s and 30’s. Designs come and go and repeat on their own […]

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    Two pal of mine, both about ten years younger than me, Allen and Ronnie always enjoyed to argue about rap music with me. Especially when it was about hip hop beats.

    Delving into history reveals that early […]

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