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    New York, NY–Gemological Technology Worldwide (GSI) declares the start of their new online training course, Lab-Cultivated Diamond Essentials, the industry’s very first educative course dedicated solely to lab-developed diamonds.

    The clinical-developed diamond field is experiencing rapid expansion and improving demand for services for merchandise. GSI has graded and identified large numbers of laboratory-grown gemstones, along with its team of researchers and scientists make many noteworthy discoveries concerning research laboratory-cultivated diamond id.

    "It is actually vital that this jewellery industry is able to communicate about research laboratory-developed gemstones with confidence with visibility. GSI, as being an specialist laboratory in screening and sensing research laboratory-grown gemstones, is delighted to discuss our understanding together with the industry. We’re enthusiastic which we may offer an online source of information that any member of the business will discover value in referencing." explained Alethea Inns, GSI’s key learning police officer.

    “There are many intricacies when it comes to clinical produced gemstones; from their growth treatments and methods, to comprehending the different inclusions, colour undertones along with other aspects. It’s not exactly the same as normal gemstones,” additional Debbie Azar, leader and co-funder of GSI.

    Earlier this coming year, GSI took over as the first major research laboratory to publicize it would be

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